“Whale Wars” against Japan by The Discovery Channel?

The cable television show, “Animal Planet,” owned by The Discovery Channel produced a documentary and/or mini series titled, “Whale Wars.” They hired RIVR Media to film the documentary. During the 2007 — 2008 whale hunt season, they traveled on the garbage scow owned by Sea Shepherd, Captain Kangaroo, crewed by Cabin Boy and his girly-men play pirates on the high seas. The development executive for Animal Planet, Charles Foley was asked why the Japanese prospective was omitted. He first replied they doubted the Japanese would cooperate. Then changed it to, “we didn’t have time.” Which is a lot of hooey. This is just further proof that liberalism is a mental disorder and fair and partial journalism in the United States of America (USA) does not exist. China deserves a big applause by all who desire a free press for throwing CNN out of their country. This documentary is another example how the news media in America could care less about reporting the truth and facts, and is only interested is imposing their agenda on the rest of the nation, the rest of the world. This slanted and bias documentary made no attempt to explain the cultural significance of whale hunting to the Japanese. The liberals who claim to be all inclusive only cared to examine this issue from a Western perspective, which is elitism. The good people of Japan should be fore-warned that The Discovery Channel and Animal Planet are no friend to Nippon. Other examples of despicable journalism in the United
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I was watching this documentary and was shocked at the part. Their are some nasty people living among us who kill endangered and protected animals for profit and food. They ignore international laws and continue to hunt whales endangered and protected animals
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  • info145:

    It makes little political or economic sense for the japanese fleet to return to the coast of Antarctica, but their motivation has now shifted from hunting whales into refusing to surrender to the SSCS. “They will have to kill us to prevent us from intervening once again,” said Watson. “Are the Japanese people ready to take human lives in defense of this horrifically cruel and illegal slaughter of endangered and protected species of whales?” w w w. bymnews. com /news /newsDetails. php? id=88473

  • info145:

    “Large groups of homeless persons (named: The Suicide Squads) are being hired as workers at the stricken Fukushima nuclear plant and are being paid $400. (US) to brave high radiation levels as experts warn that the race to save the facility has already been lost. The fear that the plant is suddenly leaking more radiation into surrounding sea water at the plant has prompted this new action. The water is found to contain levels 3335 times higher than normal, almost 3 times higher than last week.”

  • tys87ranger:

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  • Atet8oo7:

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  • luger700:

    The Japanese whalers are all dykes who can eat dicks. If all the dumb fucks in the world keep on wiping out animal species we can kiss the human race goodbye.

  • info145:

    They are pretending it’s scientific purposes so they can continue to break a law that’s been in place since 1986. Japan is not a poor country anymore! They needn’t hurt Whales! Japan is always operating behind some kind of deception, just like Pearl Harbour.

  • mirvine1:

    Put Ayukawa’s beached whaling ships to work collecting garbage plastic in the Pacific Gyre!

  • schwartsbruder:

    Whaling has been in japan for at least 1000 years. HELL ALASKA NATIVES KILL WHALES FOR FOOD!

  • wavejumper88:

    We need Harold & Kumar to star in Cow Wars. We may need to replace Harold with a Japanese actor.

  • ShadeDarkpaw:

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  • totschieck:

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    Sea Shephard Rocks and the Japanese are greedy assholls.
    That’s pretty much everything in 1 lines :)

  • darkstar3x16:

    Liberals exposed for being the real racists they are.
    They act nice because they want your vote but in reality they are no different to conservatives.

  • shockofFSM:

    liberalism a mental disorder? lol, ironic?

  • LonesomePaleRider:

    @digdug1978 Eagles are protected by law and only a select few Native American tribes are allowed to hunt them for religious purposes. Killing and eating whales is perfectly natural, you’re just a weakling of the food chain.

  • kenshin420jj:

    In Asain lore…..we are decendants of the Sea.

    that why we look like fish =) joke

    Asains in general are more respectful towards living and non living things….Japanese believe everything has a spirit.

    American/European whalers caused the whales to go extinct not Japanese!!

  • LeopoldClanner:

    3:25 – “Just remember, like everything else, the left in this country produce, It’s one sided…”

    So, how is that balanced reporting going for YOU?

  • KRiderMan1248:

    even if they had let them on, they would have edited out what the japanese would have said and such

  • digdug1978:

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  • jasonrtaylor:

    One sided. That is not good. 

  • SecondaryChannel:

    Premise Eight: The needs of the natural world are more important than the needs of the economic system.

    Another way to put premise Eight: Any economic or social system that does not benefit the natural communities on which it is based is unsustainable, immoral, and stupid. Sustainability, morality, and intelligence (as well as justice) requires the dismantling of any such economic or social system, or at the very least disallowing it from damaging your landbase.
    ~Derrick Jensen

  • flute4hire:

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  • PropagandaBuster:

    @sonicremix55 – This coming from someone who post zero videos?
    I think perhaps you may want to re-examine your percent figure as the correct figure is more like 17%, not 90%. Even if it was 90%, so?

  • sonicremix55:

    Also, why do you call yourslef the propaganda buster when 90% of your videos are about Whaling?

  • sonicremix55:

    You have a serious speech problem, mate. Sitting through just one minute of your video’s makes me want to shoot myself.

  • hoodieluvas:

    I hope you have a stroke and die, old man :)

    And yes, yes we can give our opinions on what people can and can’t eat.

  • DecemberRegn:

    @MRKAMPAC This is nothing to fight about, I agree (although we’re more like debating right? ^^”)
    I have seen them long ago. But seriously I’m just curious about where you got that info, I can’t find it myself.


    @DecemberRegn I see we are not getting anywhere on this subject, you can believe in what you like. I recommend you watch the BBC’s ocean series released in 2009.

  • DecemberRegn:

    @DecemberRegn … pulled up by it’s tail. Or hung by it’s tail. It could be fake. But if you say they are real, could you please guide me to where I find this information? ^^

  • DecemberRegn:

    @MRKAMPAC If that is true can you link me to them? Where they say it’s BBC’s original footage. I’m just curious.
    I think the whale might not be real though… CGI was used in this movie and the they could easily have put the blood and harpoons afterwards. The last image could be a normal footage of a humbpack, then they digitally mastered the effects afterwards. I don’t see anything wroing with that so don’t get me wrong on that. ^^”
    I’m not 100% sure of the dolphins too, like the one being…


    @DecemberRegn I had the same argument with a few people and when reality kicked we all agreed that this was indeed as real as it gets, pls read my first comment carefully, The end credits as you accept say “No animals were harmed” because they did n’t capture the footage

  • DecemberRegn:

    @MRKAMPAC No, they were reconstructions. If you have seen the whole ending credits you will no this as it says “No animals were harmed” and that there were reconstructions. Here’s a quote; “Perrin says the shark-mutilating shots were dramatized for the film, and no animals were harmed by humans onscreen.”
    Though it is very true these things happens today in real life.

  • diablo9317:

    this is really sad :*(!!!!


    @DecemberRegn Not a reconstruction this was captured on film by the BBC and licensed to be used in other projects like this french documentary called “Oceans”, and generally killing animal for media or for a documentary is animal cruelty at the highest level, and a criminal offence in most countries

  • Layynuhhh:

    this made me cry… :(

    the ending really made me cry cause my favorite animal are whales :(

  • DecemberRegn:

    I’m glad this was a reconstruction but it’s still ultimately reality. So horrible.

    I can also se the image is mirrored, beause of copyright infringements right?

    Still an amazing and beautiful movie, especially the french original. <3

  • baladoros7:


  • MrNikos14:

    3:12 , 4:41 FUCK JAPAN :(

  • TheAnnoyingUnicorn:

    @ElGato2448 And true.

  • NamuTheOrca:

    It indeed was a nasty part of the beatiful movie… :(

  • ElGato2448:

    Horrible and sad. . .